Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

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Are you available 24 hours?2024-01-16T15:55:49-08:00

Yes, we are available 24 hours a day. Please contact our 24-hour support line to place a service call.

Does my equipment need to be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit?2024-01-16T15:51:11-08:00

Yes, most manufacturers recommend that equipment be plugged into a dedicated electrical circuit with the appropriate voltage.

How do I know if my equipment is under warranty?2024-01-16T15:58:03-08:00

Give us a call! Not only can we look up your warranty information for you, we are also authorized to provide warranty service for almost every manufacturer.

How often should calibrations be performed?2024-01-16T15:48:04-08:00

It varies depending on the type of the unit and the application. Industry standard is that calibrations should be performed at least annually.

How often should preventative maintenance be performed?2024-01-16T15:47:14-08:00

Preventative maintenance varies based on the unit. Generally, manufacturers recommend units be maintained every 6 months.

Is the calibration of your instrumentation NIST traceable?2024-01-16T15:48:55-08:00

Yes, our instruments are calibrated annually. Our calibration documentation is kept on file and is available for our customers at any time.

My equipment failed. What do I do now?2024-01-16T15:50:04-08:00

Give us a call! We will dispatch a technician to inspect your equipment, determine the cause of the failure, and gather part numbers and other information necessary to provide you with a quote for repair. We can also provide a short-term rental unit to be used at your site while your equipment is being repaired. At your request, we’ll also provide you with a quote for a new unit that would meet your needs.

What is preventative maintenance?2024-01-16T15:43:15-08:00

It is a top to bottom inspection of your unit in accordance with manufacturer recommendations to verify that your equipment is operating at optimal performance. For refrigeration units, it includes cleaning of your condenser, which can help extend the life of your compressor.

What is the benefit of scheduling preventative maintenance service?2024-01-16T15:43:51-08:00

It keeps your unit running at peak levels, saves on energy costs, and can help identify potential problems, so they can be fixed prior to the equipment failing.

What is the purpose the small backup battery?2024-01-16T15:52:33-08:00

The backup battery will keep the display of your unit operational in case power to the unit is lost, allowing you to see the temperature readout of the unit. It also keeps the alarm contacts energized so that you can see if the unit goes into alarm. It does not turn on the compressors or power any other component besides the display board.

Where do I find the make, model, and/or serial number of my unit?2024-01-16T15:54:16-08:00

Generally there are 3 common locations:

1.On the backside of the unit at the top or bottom

2. On the left side of the unit at the bottom

3. Inside the unit at the top right or left


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